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Honestly this was probably the perfect ending for someone like me. No messy love triangles. No romantic resolutions. Just everyone staying friends forever and joining the workforce together. Oresama Teacher is a really great series all around. You wanted something soft for the soul, and lemme tell ya, was I excited to deliver. They deserve to just have a nice chill evening together having a good time :. I also made a playlist that would theoretically accompany this scene for your enjoyment. All I want is Loki and Sylvie fucking around and being the chaotic dumbass siblings they deserve to be while quipping at each other and laughing their asses off and Mobius watching from the background with a cup of coffee and a pleasantly amused face.

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Vulgar news media, including professional, pro-am, and amateur commentators, picked up on the resulting online kerfuffle as clear indication that there is something rotten in the state of fandom. Keywords: Toxic fan cultures, ghostbusters, totemic nostalgia, gender, reboot. Palabras clave: Culturas de fans tóxicos, Cazafantasmas, nostalgia totémica, género, nueva versión. Released on June 8, , the original Ghostbusters film swiftly attained the status of cult blockbuster Hills, and became a cultural cornerstone, especially for first-generation fans. Yet, despite the panoply of adaptations and reconfigurations within what we could term, in deference to Will Brooker , the Ghostbusters matrix , the original film remains firmly ensconced as the primary text-the source-from which secondary transmedia vehicles are launched. Within the hierarchy of texts, then, the original Ghostbusters film stands at the summit.

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